Does a business woman have time for dating?

I would say with the appropriate partner she will find time. The most important thing for a business woman is the partner’s loyalty and responsibility. As she is already busy with the job and many meetings ,as well as business decisions she has no place for games and various tactics. Respect her time. Be correct and responsible ,and you will leave a good impression. It’s a good start to get a chance for the first date. Don’t be late on date ! It is desirable to be a gentleman and wait for a lady in front of the restaurant /bar where you meet. I hope that there are still gentlemen’s in this busy world! Very important, let her first sit at the table and order her drink/food then you. Be calm and polite , listen her carefully. She needs to feel comfortable and desirable in your company,and forget her stressful day. She wants a man who has a manners and respects a woman and her time. Do not talk about your ex girlfriends ,on the first date absolutely no! Give her a couple of compliments ,show that you like her. Be natural and original ,do not act !

Don’t be fake ! Be you ! 


To be continued …